Chiquita Box by Charcuterie Chica


Charcuterie Box for Two

Italian Dry Salami

Brie / Aged Cheddar / Manchego Cheese

Strawberry / Blackberry / Blueberry/ Grape / Pomegranate

Apricot / Cranberry / Fig

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Almonds / Pistachios

Cornichons / Olives / Fig Jam / Honey



La Charcuterie Chica is a Los Angeles-based minority/women-owned business that specializes in hand-crafted cheese and charcuterie boards that are both visually stunning and delicious. Yvonne, founder of La Charcuterie Chica, has made it her mission to bring people together by sharing good, quality food through a unique and memorable experience at an affordable price.

Every order begins with high-quality and fresh ingredients. The wide variety of decadent artisan cheeses and meats, fruits and nuts, combined with a variety of accouterments including savory olives, cornichons, jams, honey, herbs, and flowers are then elegantly and creatively presented to create the signature La Charcuterie Chica look.

Every board is treated like an edible work of art and is so uniquely crafted, that no two are ever the same, making it a perfect centerpiece for any picnic, celebration, or
event. With so many delectable items on every board, there is something to please everyone. La Charcuterie Chica pours passion into every board, presenting you with an edible art form that is thoughtfully crafted and made with love.